Kenneth Schultz

Project Manager

When it comes to solving puzzles, the wily Kenn Schultz might have been able to crack the enigma code. He is drawn to the challenge of solving puzzles, and this fascination led him to brain stimulating jobs such as combat engineering, designing for video games and film, and designing and rendering an array of buildings.

Kenn’s interest in design goes back to his early career. He began architecture school immediately after high school. After a year, however, he postponed this pursuit for a stint in the army and later into the navy. During his time in the armed services, Kenn developed an electronic map database, and he grasped the skills needed to conduct and train other units on electronic warfare, defensive mapping, deep space telemetry and tactic planning. He also used those years to complete not just one, but multiple degrees in architecture, environmental sciences and art.

Immediately upon retirement from the military, he dove head first into a career in architectural design. Right off the bat, companies such as Disney and NASA wanted his skills. He received the Themed Entertainment Award for the Apollo Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center. His team received this award numerous times for Terminator 2 3-D, Daytona USA, and the Hard Rock Live and Café in Orlando. During his 15-year tenure in Orlando, he also designed resorts, condos, retail buildings, and offices for multiple locations spanning the globe. After Orlando, Kenn and his family moved to Mason City where Kenn worked with architecture firms designing and rendering nursing homes, fire stations, and rehabilitation centers.

Finally, Kenn settled in the Twin Cities with years of experience as a project manager, architect, and renderer and is an entertaining addition to the Reprise community. It’s amazing that someone with as many accomplishments as he has can also be such a stimulating storyteller! If you opine over a well-crafted cigar with Kenn, you may hear all about the computer program he’s developing, called Rasberry Pi, or perhaps you’d get a chance to see his oil paintings, photography, and woodwork.