Andrew Benson

Design Technician

After graduating from Northwest Technical Institute in the late 90s, Andy worked with three different architectural firms in the Twin Cites designing assisted living, medical, institutional and residential spaces before joining Reprise. With us, he eased into a steady diet of commercial work without skipping a beat.

We applaud Andy’s rock solid grasp of construction documentation and his lighthearted, focused enthusiasm for work. We do wonder, however, if his efforts are a means to enable his gusto for sports. In the spring, summer and fall, he coaches, plays, watches…you name it. His need to be involved in the game appears to be so strong that we wonder how he gets through the winter months. Maybe that is why he collects autographs from sports stars. Ron Santo, Barry Sanders, Wayne Gretzke are among proudest possessions.

Andy isn’t one to spend time philosophizing about his work. He is keenly task-oriented and energized by speed and precision. Whether Andy is working out a work process issue or a team roster, his mantra is, “Just do it.”


Andrey Lysenko

Design Technician

The ability to “imagine” runs in families. Inspired by his father, a furniture designer in Russia, Andrey decided that he, too, would enter the world of design. He acted on that vision.

Andrey joined Reprise with exceptionally strong drafting skills. He currently splits his time in the field doing site and accessibility surveys and drafting for McDonald’s USA.

When you work with Andrey, you work with a skilled architectural technician who helps you through the vast matrix of details and ensures a smooth building process. A consummate professional, Andrey listens for details and responds with the finest, most respectful work ethic possible.

Brent Halvorsen

Brent Halvorsen

Design Technician

We only hire the best Design Technicians. So when we noticed Brent’s attention to detail, people skills and work efficiency, we asked him to join our team. He entered the field of architecture with two main strong-suits: a gift in math and a foundation in faith. Brent started his architectural studies in high school. He excelled right away in design and knew he’d find a career in it. But right out of high school, and ready for college, he was compelled to study the bible and explore his spiritual side first. He spent two years at the Association Free Bible School and earned a Certificate of Bible degree. Afterwards, he explored his area of strength, architectural and building technology. This gifted technician graduated with honors from Northwest Technical Institute with an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Early on, our clients liked working with him. They, like us, noted his skill and efficiency and his ability to build strong professional relationships. This people-oriented person is a superb listener and a supportive team member.

So what’s he doing in his free time? Card and board games. We love his energy to focus on games that revolve around people interaction and intellectual challenges. In fact, Brent hosts a monthly game night that is open to anyone interested. He says that includes you, too!

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, AIA


For over 25 years, Reprise’s co-founder, Brian Johnson, has assisted public, private, and nonprofit clients in the planning and design of projects. With extensive industrial, office, and retail experience, Brian has a practical understanding of the business world. This understanding is founded on a rich and diverse education in architecture, city planning, and urban design. With real project experience and a solid education that encouraged him to explore theory, Brian knows how to balance “art” with “the practical” in the making of thoughtful places.

Brian calls Minnesota home, but he has a fondness for Philadelphia, where he received two graduate degrees from the historic University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts and where he taught Planning Graphics. But don’t be intimidated by his advanced degrees, Brian is a down-to-earth Minnesotan who is as comfortable paddling down the river with his dogs as he is in a boardroom.

Clients like Brian’s direct and focused approach. He knows which issues to attend to and which will take care of themselves over time. As an accomplished planner, he knows how to work with city staff and with owners to encourage a fast, attentive decision-making process. His planning skills allow projects to get on track in the early stages, before going too far down the wrong trail.

Brian models what it means to give back when you’ve been given much. He shares his time and talents by serving on the Board of Directors for nonprofit organizations, by serving as a member of various city committees, and by participating in a variety of community outreach efforts.

brigitte miller

Brigitte Miller


Brigitte keeps our business operations in order, taking over the details so we can best serve you.  her attention to detail is what drew us to adding her to our team of professionals.  Brigitte grew up in West Germany, and spent many years in her home country and the U.S. as a physician’s assistant.  Over time, she transitioned to the business of medicine, making good use of her natural skills for organization and management.  Now, in the world of architecture, she finds another natural fit.  (Brigitte is from a family of talented furniture designers).

Family is number one to Brigitte.  She’s a mother and a new grandmother – imagine the pride she feels in that!  She’s also a skilled world traveler, adept at circumventing the globe with attention to detail, precision and a joy for being with people.

Steven “Buck” Gronberg, Assoc. AIA, CSI

Senior Project Manager

There’s not a boring bone in Buck’s body. Whether competing in a boat parade donning a masterful costume, playing professional foosball (yes, professional), or reclaiming a steel mill in Pennsylvania and transforming it into a billion dollar casino resort, Buck goes big and the outcome never disappoints. Competition may be one of his “themes,” and it drives him to exceed, go beyond, and wow those on the sidelines.

His thoughtful designs run the gamut, from numerous large entertainment hospitality projects to schools, multi-housing units, fire stations, skyscrapers and even sculptures. And as if Buck’s plethora of high quality design experiences isn’t enough to make us want to work with him, his enthusiasm in the office draws us in, makes us laugh, and strengthens our team spirit.

Buck is a successful leader and loyal collaborator. This might be why he has so many long-term projects. To him, office energy is important. People energize people. We marvel at the way he works with others, from peers to clients to crowds in a room. In fact, we first worked with Buck 25 years before he joined us a Reprise. Now, years later, we’re thrilled to work with him again. People just want to be around him, soaking up his energy and the information he imparts.

His loyalty and energy may also be why he has so many lasting friendships. At the age of 17, he formed a band (he’s the drummer) with his two best buds. They even hit the main stage at First Avenue a few times. That same band of boys still plays together today.

From music to buildings, Buck was born to “do.” He’s not one to sit and play computer games or idle the day away. “Making is not a hobby to me,” Buck says. “It’s what I do.” So at the end of the workday, he returns to his 110-year-old house in the city, and keeps on designing and doing. “I’ve touched every inch of that house.” And on weekends, there’s more “doing.” He and his wife own a cabin in northern Minnesota. When there, they romp with the dogs, enjoy the energy that only “up north” can feed, and begin designing yet another outrageous costume for the boat parade. Just for fun, ask Buck about his costume in this year’s parade!

Caleb Leighty

Caleb Leighty

Design Technician

Born to parents in the construction business, Caleb may have been destined for architecture from the start. Early on, unique and massive buildings captured his attention. He wondered, “How did a structure so grandiose keep from crumbling?”

In 2005, Caleb graduated with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural Construction Technology. He worked in drafting and design for multiple companies before joining Reprise, including Home Depot. There he was awarded Presidential and Platinum Awards and we understand why. Caleb is an excellent communicator, an eager team player, and a fast worker.

Though Caleb is able to answer many of his childhood questions now, he remains fascinated by historic buildings and has traveled throughout the country to see them.

Caleb enjoys adventuring into the outdoors when he can. Rock-climbing and fishing are two of his favorite activities. On his first climbing adventure, he attempted to leap to a ledge. His spatial awareness wasn’t there for him that time; so as he over jumped, he began to fall. You may want to call him to talk about that mishap! We like his adventurous spirit and think you will, too.

Chad Booth

Design Technician

When he was just a child, Chad’s parents lost their home. Sometimes good comes from bad. In this case, it kickstarted Chad’s design career. He needed a home, right! So he began sketching houses to deal with the upheaval and discovered an insatiable appetite for drawing and designing. That was his start, and it kept going. Years later, and still in high school, he earned a college degree in Architectural Construction Technology from St. Cloud Technical College and soon began teaching architectural classes at his high school. Yes, you read that right; he earned a college degree before securing his high school diploma. Grit. Motivation. That’s Chad.

By the age of 18, he joined the workforce and made residential and commercial design his career. He has worked for numerous architectural and engineering firms throughout the Twin Cities metro area designing restaurants, automobile showrooms, homes, high-rise condos and more! His designs have won awards from the National Association of Home Builders and have been showcased in the Parade of Homes.

Chad has an inherent ability to study design challenges and come up with solutions. That includes not only sites and buildings, but also nature’s treasure trove of natural structures. As a skilled photographer, he captures each challenge on film. Today he mentions he has multiple collections of photos, thousands having been captured throughout the U.S. National Parks Service locations. He’s a talented guy, with an eye like no other. He’s also a gourmet cook who carefully selects, seasons and grills the finest ingredients to create a meal that, you guessed it, tempts the eye as well as the appetite.

Charles Schatz

Charles Schatz, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Project Manager

Charles is an accomplished architect, particularly strong in restaurant and retail design. With a degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota and over 20 years of experience, he has a broad, yet firm foundation in architectural design and the real estate development process. His knowledge of the development process (from site acquisition to facilities management), artistry as a designer, skill at engaging environmentally sensitive and sustainable LEED AP standards, and commitment to client service have given him a loyal following. Charles understands what clients want, how developers think, and how inspired design drives results.

Charles is a respected, highly-valued employee of Reprise Design. His enthused association with the restaurant and retail sector has allowed us to broaden our client base and strengthen our interior design breadth and portfolio. Charles currently works with Dunn Brothers, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Qdoba, Caribou Coffee, Noodles and Company, Chedd’s and Papa Luna’s Empanadas.

When Charles isn’t at Reprise, he’s gladly with his wife, Maleah, either riding their horses on a wooded trail or teaming up on another home improvement project.

Corey Englund

Design Technician

Corey is the winner of the AIA Henry Adams Medal for highest GPA in an accredited Master’s program. The prestigious and historic award has been granted to one individual per school for 100 years. Good character and promise are the earmarks of the award. He has been proving its deservedness day after day with his commitment to support and mentor others in his community and around the globe.

After graduation, he began offering his rendering skills, pro bono, to Food for His Children, a group focused on self-sustaining agriculture in Tanzania. He voluntarily shared his skill at algebra with students of the Minnesota Math Corps. He helped them recognize applications of math in everyday life and the usefulness of algebra in the design of buildings. Now in his spare time, Corey teaches basic elements of architecture to young students through the Minneapolis Public Schools.

At Reprise, Corey readily slips into the current of multiple projects. Though focused on outcomes and a commitment to helping a client’s vision come to life, he finds time to break from task to engage with others.  His dedication to others and strength at building community inspires us and, undoubtedly, will inspire young students and architects of the future.

Doug Anderson

Project Manager

Historic preservation, classical guitar and black and white photography. Add to those interests his two Masters Degrees, one in Architecture and the other in Building Construction, and you have the impressive Doug Anderson.

He is down to earth, relating with others in a friendly, natural way. He may divulge how his girlfriend, now his wife, saw drawings he had done and suggested he lean toward an artistic career. He may joke about being a goof-off in high school and an army brat who grew up living around the world. Or he may tell stories about building imaginative structures with his brothers.

Building, history and art—the stories converge and support a skilled educator and professional. He has taught in colleges and technical schools, sharing his inherent interests and knowledge with up and coming new professionals.

Doug won’t boast about his many accomplishments, but we want to. At Reprise, he adds a big business side to his credentials. He manages, manipulates and prepares documentation for construction of nationally branded restaurants throughout the United States. He is undaunted by the always changing conditions, clients, code requirements and approval authorities. Whether his immediate charge is a major renovation or a shiny new structure from the ground up, he aligns and satisfies the needs of corporate clients with a jurisdiction’s review and approval requirements.

Erik Walker

Project Manager

Describe Erik, and you’ll hear the words ethical, motivated, and honest. Go further and you’ll discover he’s a chef, a golfer (shot 70 twice), a guitarist, and a published author (check out Evolved Eating on Amazon).

If Erik says he’ll do something, he does it. He’s a man of his word. When he chose architecture, he knew he’d get a degree in it one day. And so, years after he had taken every possible drafting and engineering course his high school offered (eight in total), he set sight on the rigor of college and earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in History.

With degrees in hand, he ventured into the professional world and gained knowledge and practice working on construction documents, conducting code reviews, and leading teams and projects. His project work includes government buildings, financial institutions, retail offices and restaurants, storage facilities, and even a cultural center.

At Reprise, he’s a disciplined project manager who diligently focuses on timelines and precision. Instinctively he knows how to maintain productivity and keep an eye on why a task should be done a certain way. Intellectually, he always keeps the question, “Is this the right thing to do?” top of mind. “Is it right for the project, the community, and the environment? His motto is his golden rule, “Do right by others. When I do this, I can sleep at night.”

Erin Fletcher

Design Technician

Even at age 12, Erin was drawing floor plans.  Her early career buzzed around client service and problem resolution as an Executive Assistant for New England Financial/MetLife, her father’s agency, and as a Closer for Warranty Title.  Yet the passion for design never rested. So after taking a break from work outside the home to raise and homeschool her children, she studied architecture and earned a degree in Architectural Technology.

Erin has been known to flood her family with daily details about her work days.  They don’t quite understand her excitement and energy, but we do. And we love it. Erin’s talent results in an infectious eagerness to expand her knowledge and to organize and apply what she knows in new ways.

Perhaps she gained some of her work ethic from her first employer—her dad, a high ranking Colonel in the U.S. Marines.

Greg Jensen

Greg Jensen

Senior Project Manager

Greg Jensen leads for results, builds relationships, and acts with integrity. When we first met him 18 years ago, he instantly won our hearts. Respect for others and a gentlemanly approach characterize Greg. Those gifts caught our attention and still hold it today.

Armed with 22 years of experience in team management, design, and construction detailing, Greg understands the varied business landscape and moves smoothly through it. His wide-ranging experiences include working with numerous corporate clients and development partners on hospitality, retail, historic preservation, urban-mixed use, office, industrial, school, and religious projects. He has worked with Parasole Restaurant Holdings, Lifetime Fitness, Best Buy, Medtronic, Multi Tech, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Applebee’s, and Holiday Inn. His development partners include Opus, United Properties, Muir-Doran, Oppidan, Lander Group, and Sherman Associates. Greg has just about done it all.

Greg bridges the gap between designer and contractor. He approaches his jobs with well-defined tasks but accepts the need for versatility to react to changing requirements. Clients respect his thoroughness and value-added service; teammates want to work with him. Feel free to call Greg with questions; he’s a great resource who can make your projects succeed. Plus, he’s just fun to talk to.

Heidi Winsor

Project Manager

Heidi is fascinated by ideas. She was designing floor plans and urban environments long before she knew the term, architect. Her first designs, complete with imitation roads and miniature trees, were in her childhood sandbox. In sixth grade, Heidi proclaimed at career day, “I want to make floor plans!” Luckily for us, her teacher led her to architecture. Heidi moved boldly in that direction, one degree at a time earning an AS from St. Cloud Technical College and a BS from North Dakota State University.

An accomplished, award-winning architect, Heidi came to Reprise with an impressive resume that included nearly two decades of experience with some of the most highly respected architects and developers in North America. In 2009, she won an award for Excellence in Concrete and Masonry Design and Construction for the School House Square Bell Tower in Hastings, MN.

She has an amazing ability to grasp objectives, organize and follow through—all while seeking input from others in a way that builds harmony. Whether hiking, canoeing, traveling to historic places or enjoying fashion couture, she is passionate about design and her search for new perspectives on familiar challenges.

Houawa Yang

Design Technician

Houawa was on the path to building design all along. He just took the long road to get there, gaining valuable skills at each stop. In his Michigan high school, Houawa jumped at the opportunity to take a drafting class, and so his journey began with stop one.

His strong faith led him to stop two. Ministry. When he went to Simpson College in Redding, California, he earned a degree in Youth Ministries. With life’s twists and turns, however, youth ministry wasn’t for him. He got back on the trail, powered by his determination, kindness, and communication skills.

And so the journey continued. During the next 12 years, his stops included financial and medical firms in California and Minnesota (were his family had relocated). At each job, he developed administrative responsibilities and proved to be an adaptable and hard worker.

Finally, Houawa returned to what he always knew he wanted to do. He went back to school to study Architectural Technology. We won’t say that this is Houawa’s last stop, but we will say that we are glad the journey brought him here! Houawa’s wife, their three young boys, six of his eight siblings and most of his nieces and nephews live nearby. Family is important to Houawa, so spending time with them fills his heart and his time. He loves watching the older two boys care for their younger brother, and because Houawa and his wife want to give adequate attention to each of their children, they think they’ll stick to three.

Jason Herold

Design Technician

Jason likes to figure things out. Prior to joining Reprise, he gained years of experience designing store layouts and doing fixture planning for high-end grocery stores in the Twin Cities. After many years though, he decided it was time to broaden his work portfolio, and he found Reprise to be the perfect fit. The opportunities are “similar but not the same,” he explains. “I can use what I know to design other retail and commercial spaces.”

His yearning for drafting developed in high school where he took construction and drafting classes. “In those days, we used pencil and drew by hand. It stuck ever since.” Regardless of the medium, his focus became clear, so he spent two years at Northwest Technical Institute. After graduating with an A.S. degree, he began his career. Along the way and eager to teach and help others, he taught 3D animation at Hennepin Technical College.

Jason isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. To him, learning is fun, and figuring out how things work, well—it’s natural. As a hobby, he fixes computers. “First, I try; and then I dig on the internet.” Since the first time he sat at a computer, he’s been engrossed. His advice to others, “Be excited to learn more.” That’s the advice he has passed on to his two children. Explore. Try new things.

It’s spending time with family that’s Jason’s top priority, from a varsity basketball game to watch his daughter play, to deer hunting or golfing with his son, to talking shop with his wife (also a store planner). What’s next for Jason? Like many Minnesotans, he sees a boat in his future—for the family (and their Bernese Mountain Dog, if he wants).

James Herget

James Herget, Assoc. AIA

Vice President

Jim Herget is a designer, a building code authority, and a CAD expert who is passionate about client service. Not only does he have the technical skills to get the job done right, he has a knack for building productive professional relationships that keep our clients coming back. With an uncanny ability to read into what people need, Jim can satisfy needs and solve problems early in the project. At the end of the day, he measures his success by how delighted his clients are. While some entrepreneurs are off searching for the future, Jim is steadfast in his promise to serve his clients today. This co-founder of Reprise stated it this way, “When clients hire us, they don’t have to worry about the care and oversight of their project. It gets done.”

His professional and personal interests are closely intertwined. His zeal for religion has inspired a focus on church design and participation as a member of the AIA’s Religious Architectural Committee and the Interfaith Forum in Religion, Art, and Architecture. Whether it’s music, religion, or the outdoors, when Jim focuses on something, he goes the distance. Average is the last thing he wants to be.

From our restaurant and major food chain clients to our institutional and commercial clients, Jim is there, taking care of relationships and following through with details. At Reprise Design, we see this co-founder as our anchor.

Jody Hoffman

Design Technician

Have you ever heard of a person who gets so excited about work that she doesn’t count hours until the weekend? That’s Jody. Drafting is her career passion, one she found as a young adult. As her passion grew, so did her family. She embraced a new daughter, added pets along the way, and spent early career years in office administration and customer service. All the while, the spark for design was kept alive. She knew she’d return to the art one day as she found herself admiring structures and daydreaming about the underlying construction.

So when her daughter started high school, Jody turned the daydream into a day’s work. She went back to school to study Architectural Technology. Her first class, History of Architecture, resonated with her. Soon, she found herself planning a trip with her daughter to Italy and Greece, where they could view historical structures together—a mom and daughter duo—traveling and studying.

When you choose a colleague or vendor, isn’t passion what you look for? Jody is a natural. She’s an ambitious, lifelong learner. She’s an artist, a team player, and knows how to serve clients. What about the weekends? Her excitement about drafting takes a brief rest, allowing her to focus on her two dogs—walking them, playing with them, and trying to get the youngest one to stop chewing the remote control.

Joelen Hansen

Project Manager

What goes around comes around. That saying holds true for Joelen (Jo). After earning her B.A. in Architecture, she worked for several years as an intern architect for McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, IL. Those were the early days of AutoCAD, and Joelen helped set the standards for McDonald’s restaurants as she designed floor plans to support the brand experience. Today, years later, she is happily serving McDonald’s again. This time, with Reprise Design as a Project Manager.

There’s a commonality among many architects. They seem to get “bitten by the architecture bug” early on. It’s true with Joelen. She clearly recalls finding her career in sixth grade as she drew floor plans just for fun. Later, in high school, a special drafting teacher mentored her toward her career and into college where she drafted for the University of Iowa. Her professional experience is solid. In the past 20-plus years, she has served clients in corporate, commercial, residential, government, higher education, and health care industries.

Joelen is goal-oriented. She planfully looks forward, yet she steadily focuses on the present. Widowed from her soulmate and a single mom at 38, she learned not to take things for granted. Her mantra: live life to the fullest. Don’t waste a minute of it, and have no regrets.

Ask her what lights up her life. She’ll firmly name her son. “He’s my pride and joy,” she states. Ask her what makes her happy. She’ll mention adventure and culture: biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, art museums and plays—all with family or friends.

You’ll enjoy working with Joelen. We sure do. She is artistic, organized, skillful socially and has a great capacity to motivate others. She embraces the thought leadership of Stephen Covey, BlessingWhite, James Lewis and others. She builds habits, manages her professional growth and skillfully executes projects on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency and productivity.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Ask Joelen about Texas Holdem, and we’ll let her share the rest of that story.

John Nightingale, AIA, LEED GA, CDT

Senior Project Manager

John, accomplished but not boastful, has extensive achievements that speak for him. American School & University Magazine featured a project of his and granted it the Outstanding Design award. Over the years, he has supported and led a multitude of large, complex projects, in both public and private sectors, and has earned accolades and respect.

Having grown up overseas (Paris, Frankfurt, Mannheim, and Brussels) with historic architecture at every corner, he steadily gained an appreciation for building design and construction. He turned that appreciation and awe into skill, and now inspires others to follow his lead. As a LEED accredited architect, a Certified Documents Technologist, and a member of the Construction Specifications Institute, John concentrates on combining the art and finesse of building design with the efficient use of energy.

Whether he and his team are designing an office, a civic building or an industrial facility, they deliver finished projects that use John’s management prowess and are on schedule, within budget, and beyond expectations.

Outside of work, John has many interests and ways to stay active. From tennis, to golf, to long bike trips with his wife, he enjoys the outdoors, a good game, and happy trails. Though his worldly upbringing inspired a love for travel, his dogs, cat, birds and fish are calling him to keep those travels closer to home. What’s next? His wife did mention wanting a horse for those happy trails.

Keith McDermid

Design Technician

Determined and goal-oriented. Keith sets goals, figures out the path and does what it takes to get where he wants to go. Case in point—architecture. Keith worked for years in stadium and arena management, opening them and maintaining the spaces. While in that solid career, he discovered his dream to design spaces. So, he diligently worked at the University of Minnesota in facilities management while earning first a B.S. in Architecture, then a B.A. in History, and ultimately a Master of Architecture degree.

While a student, Keith’s team designed and built two Habitat for Humanity houses for a zero-carbon footprint. With multiple degrees in hand, Keith notes he’s most interested in the initial design and discovery phases of projects, and he finds his heart is in serving people with disabilities and the homeless. Keith explains his vision, “Do things to help people around us…make every space so a person with disabilities can use it and get through it.”

Keith, living in the childhood home he purchased from his parents, is in a walkable neighborhood near one of the Minneapolis lakes. In his neighborhood, he has easy access to trails for his twice-daily walks with his adopted Husky. His other pastimes are sports-related, watching games and playing in them. Every Christmas Eve at 9 a.m., he joins his high school hockey team for a reunion hockey scrimmage. This has been going on reliably since 1987.

At work, at home, or on the hockey rink, people see Keith as dependable, honest and trustworthy. “I strive to be that every day,” he states.

Kenneth Schultz

Project Manager

When it comes to solving puzzles, the wily Kenn Schultz might have been able to crack the enigma code. He is drawn to the challenge of solving puzzles, and this fascination led him to brain stimulating jobs such as combat engineering, designing for video games and film, and designing and rendering an array of buildings.

Kenn’s interest in design goes back to his early career. He began architecture school immediately after high school. After a year, however, he postponed this pursuit for a stint in the army and later into the navy. During his time in the armed services, Kenn developed an electronic map database, and he grasped the skills needed to conduct and train other units on electronic warfare, defensive mapping, deep space telemetry and tactic planning. He also used those years to complete not just one, but multiple degrees in architecture, environmental sciences and art.

Immediately upon retirement from the military, he dove head first into a career in architectural design. Right off the bat, companies such as Disney and NASA wanted his skills. He received the Themed Entertainment Award for the Apollo Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center. His team received this award numerous times for Terminator 2 3-D, Daytona USA, and the Hard Rock Live and Café in Orlando. During his 15-year tenure in Orlando, he also designed resorts, condos, retail buildings, and offices for multiple locations spanning the globe. After Orlando, Kenn and his family moved to Mason City where Kenn worked with architecture firms designing and rendering nursing homes, fire stations, and rehabilitation centers.

Finally, Kenn settled in the Twin Cities with years of experience as a project manager, architect, and renderer and is an entertaining addition to the Reprise community. It’s amazing that someone with as many accomplishments as he has can also be such a stimulating storyteller! If you opine over a well-crafted cigar with Kenn, you may hear all about the computer program he’s developing, called Rasberry Pi, or perhaps you’d get a chance to see his oil paintings, photography, and woodwork.

Kenneth Wettstein

Kenneth Wettstein

Project Manager

Ken joined us with over 25 years of professional experience working in the design field, but his interest in the field started much earlier. As a young boy, he liked helping his big brother, a drafter, with blue prints. So Ken’s journey to become a drafter started. He began drafting classes in high school and went on to receive a diploma in architectural drafting from Detroit Lakes Vocational Technical Institute.

Ken launched his professional career working for a structural engineering firm. Years later, as work opportunities slowed in engineering, and he chose to move to architectural firms. The rest is history. Ken loves what he is doing because he gets to create something from nothing. He starts with a blank page and soon enough he has an entire design to happily pass on to his client. But his excitement doesn’t stop there. He eagerly does field work and enjoys watching buildings evolve into finished products.

Outside of the concrete jungle, you might find Ken outdoors either hunting or fishing. He also gladly spends time with his wife of 25 years and their daughter—a talented cheerleader who competed in a national cheerleading competition last year!

Kristi Donahue

Kristi Donahue, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Project Manager

Kristi Donahue traveled extensively throughout Europe pursuant to her studies prior to receiving her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2000. A strong background in retail, hospitality, and design outside of her studies preceded her arrival at Reprise. We’re not sure if her strong conversation and communications skills are a product of her experience or the catalyst.

Programming, planning, and design in the areas of hospitality, commercial, and residential is the snapshot of her background. She is LEED accredited and a green design specialist. We find that space planning, and interior design and development — especially working with clients and finish materials is her natural proclivity. In fact, she never told us prior to starting with us. No one has done a color board, visited with an interior finish sales person, or conjured an interior color scheme since she arrived. It’s kind of a sore spot.

Here at Reprise Kristi is a project manager who has worked with Parasole Restaurant Holdings, Manley Commercial, United Properties, Oppidan Development, Metro Equity Management, Brinks, McDonald’s USA, and Burlington Coat Factory. In addition to being a wife and mother her hobbies revolve around design, construction, photography, and graphic technology and editing. Finally we have a short answer to the question… how do you make a 3M PDF 200K?


Mary Engleson, LEED AP

Project Manager

Mary Engleson, project manager at Reprise, is a LEED Accredited Registered Architect. She has more than 15 years of experience in the Twin Cities working in the areas of mixed-use, transportation, multi-residential, retail and restaurant projects.

Aside from focusing on “green” initiatives, her favorite part of the job is building relationships with our clients and the internal Reprise team. Strong people skills are what led Mary to Reprise. Both Brian and Jim worked with her years before they launched Reprise Design. Years later, they gladly added her to the Reprise family of employees.

With the credentials of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Architecture from North Dakota State University as her foundation, she adds in-depth experience leading commercial and residential projects for some of the most prestigious developers and firms in the state.

She has it all — technical skills, job experiences and a focus on professional relationships. We couldn’t be happier to have Mary at Reprise. Clients and internal partners appreciate her diligent, thorough approach to exceeding their expectations and her ability to respond quickly and intelligently to their questions.

We know architects have a reputation for detail, and Mary’s project management and design skills are part of her life outside of work, too. She is married to an architect. Together, they enjoy spending time outdoors—camping, fishing, biking. Her inherent interest in the great outdoors drives her focus on energy and environmental design.

Nick Decker

Project Manager

Just as with many building designers, Nick’s early childhood orbited around K’nex and Legos. Then he hit the ripe childhood age of seven and golf grabbed his attention. Nick’s love of the sport was so strong that he committed college breaks to it, spending roughly 50 hours a week on the course each summer. Design and golf—two passions that never waned.

Nick attended the only high school in Nebraska that offered an architectural engineering course. He was able to explore his architectural interests and then continue on to the University of Minnesota. There he earned his degree in Architecture and met the person who would later become his wife.

Nick began his professional career working on behalf of high-end residential clients. After nearly a decade in residential design, he gravitated toward working in the commercial marketplace. He found Reprise where he knew he could learn and thrive, and we welcomed his talent and experience.

Nick is a focused listener who asks targeted questions, expertly organizes, and creates construction drawings. Drive and focus. That’s Nick. Whether he has a club in his hands or is at Reprise working on projects, he’s the person you want on your team.

Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson

Design Technician

Nikki is a proud product of Minnesota’s premier college town, Northfield. She began her career working as an intern with the late Don Starr at Starr Design in 1998. Eight years of institutional, retail, and residential experience behind her — she now journeys north daily to work with us as a key retail/hospitality player in our expanding national marketplace.

Reprise takes credit for finding talent having excellent relational skills and an understanding of retailing and hospitality. Nikki, not being the exception, has trained restaurant and country club staff and managed facilities. Our bet is that this experience quietly instills a subtle knowledge of “operations” that is expected of us but difficult to develop outside of the having experienced the “real thing”. A perfect match for McDonald’s USA, Nikki designs, details, and documents new stores and retrofits across a 35 state region.

In addition to McDonald’s, Nikki’s past architectural experience includes Hearth & Home Technologies, Video Update, and Waterford Oil. She has experience working with hospital/clinic and college facilities and has an enviable list of activities and affiliations in serving her community. She is a partner in her family’s business growing fall vegetables.

Paul Hand

Operations IT

CRASH! BOOM! POW! “Oh no. The server is down, and drawings must go out!” Not to fear. Paul Hand is here!

Whenever there is hardware or software issue or question, people go right to Paul. It’s as if a worn path leads to his desk. He admits, “It’s always been that way.” Paul, somewhat of a superhero, leads us and helps us stay up-to-date with technology. He’s a natural learner and a take-charge leader.

Like many in our office, Paul’s interest in architecture got hold during a high school drafting class. What’s unique to his experience, though, is that his high school program offered a landline connection to a mainframe computer at the University of Minnesota. As an eager teenager, he could use a punch card to upload his drawings to a university database. He went on to study Architectural Technology in college, just as CAD was becoming commercially available. Even in the early days, Paul understood technology when others didn’t.

Later in the workforce, his aptitude and leadership helped him quickly accelerate from drafting positions to technology management and from CAD implementation to network management and backup. With 30 years of experience and talent that is second to none, Paul is highly-regarded by team members, peers and our clients.

Unlike other superheroes though, Paul doesn’t have an alter ego. He is a champion at home, too. Paul has always placed his two daughters in star status, and he proudly refers to them as independent, professional women, and most importantly as each other’s best friends. That top billing is now shared by his granddaughter. Through her, he marvels at and soaks in the “the wide-eyed optimism of youth.” Superhero? Check. Super grandpa? Without a doubt.

Stephen Myslajek

Project Manager

A dreary day in Stephen’s office? We don’t think so. Just take a look at his warm smile, and you’ll agree. Before college, Stephen predicted that this career would be creative and exciting. He’d have it no other way. So he sought out architecture at the University of Minnesota. After one intro class, he was hooked. He later earned two degrees from the School of Architecture: Architecture and Environmental Design.

In 1980, his professional career began. Since that time, he’s designed it all—residential townhouses, warehouses, schools, automobile dealerships, and small commercial buildings. Today, years after launching his career, he realizes his prediction was spot on. His career is creative and exciting. Every day there are new problems to solve in his quest to design the best and exceed his clients’ expectations.

Perhaps his affinity for problem solving was what inspired Stephen and his wife to adopt two extremely energetic dogs. Maybe the names they gave their dogs, Faith and Hope, express Stephen’s devotion to them and his positive, optimistic attitude. That’s the way Stephen lives. His experience, skill, and creative problem solving are his tools to steering our projects. We have faith and hope that he’ll soon be successfully steering his dogs on their courses. If all goes according to plan, the energetic, loyal pups will soon join Stephen and his wife as they bike and cross-country ski throughout Minnesota.

Renae Herget

Renae Herget

Accounting Manager

Renae Herget takes care of the administrative side of Reprise Design. If you have questions about billing, scheduling, or other front office-details, contact Renae. You’ll be thrilled with how responsive and detailed-oriented she is and how well she understands design.

She participates in the Society of Design Administration (an affiliate of the AIA) as a way to gather and exchange ideas with other administrative personnel from architectural and engineering firms. Design administration is a perfect fit for Renae. Not only does she understand the front office, but she is a highly experienced design technician. She holds an Architectural Technology degree from Northwest Technical Institute and has 13 years of experience in the field. She understands this business through and through.

We’re happy to have Renae manage our office. She does it in a way that best serves our clients efficiently and professionally and frees us up to work with you.

Ryan Klika

Design Technician

We owe a big “thank you” to Ryan Klika’s coaches and teachers because they were crucial to his design career. As a basketball player from first grade through college, Ryan knew he needed to work hard independently and as part of a team to achieve his goals. He passed these qualities to his current goal—delivering designs that delight his clients—and he achieves this goal every time.

So basketball experience taught him work ethic, but why did he decide to put his energy into building design? This we owe to his inspiring and forward thinking high school CAD drafting teacher. She made learning fun by taking the class on field strips to see inspiring places such as the James J. Hill house. By this time, Ryan had already worked in cabinet and closet installation in several million dollar homes in Minnesota. He loved the uniqueness of each home, but seeing them with a design perspective brought them to life!

Ryan now gets to watch his own designs become tangible. Perhaps this is why he also likes to design tattoos; unique ideas become real and visible. When he doesn’t have his drawing and designing hat on, you could probably find him jet skiing on a fine Minnesota lake or on the court shooting hoops.

Robert Ohm

Design Technician

Robert chuckles when he acknowledges he’s been around the block a few times. It’s possible he could design in his sleep with his wealth of experience. He was drafting before AutoCAD was released, and though the transition from manual drafting to computer-aided design seemed gradual, it’s second nature to him now. Throughout his career, Robert has worked for various Minnesota architectural firms on a variety of projects (from schools to hotels to casinos), creating documents for all phases of construction. The production side of building continues to engage and energize him.

When not at work, he embraces time with family. He is a doting grandfather who frequents restaurants that Reprise gets credit for designing. At his tables, his granddaughters, who cleverly convinced him to drink mixtures of multiple soft drinks, often join him. He is also a car enthusiast. If you frequent car shows, you may have met Robert, or perhaps you admired his Grand Prix, Firebird, ’46 Ford Convertible, or ’55 Chevy Model T Roadster.

His love for cars triggers a trace of regret as he looks back: he never moved back to his home state of California. Minnesota winters can be tough on cars. He agrees with Kevin Sorbo who once said, “L.A. has plenty of problems, but weather usually isn’t one of them.” Though Robert may not be the biggest fan of harsh weather, he is a fan of the professional community and the opportunities working here has brought him. Plus, there are the grandkids! He certainly won’t leave now. He’ll just have to watch out for their soft drink concoctions.


Terry Brezany

Design Technician

A multifaceted artist, Terry is a natural illustrator, painter and sculptor. These talents evolved early on and remain with her today. Reprise is not the first place her artistry has taken her. By 1992 Terry had two degrees under her belt — a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Minneapolis College of Arts and Design in environmental, architectural and interior design, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in sculpture, art history and art theory. With these degrees in hand, she left the Midwest for New York City where she sculpted and painted her way as a visual artist and was the runner-up for a prestigious grant from the Jerome Foundation.

After 10 years of working as a professional visual artist (and a talented chef), Terry returned to Minnesota to be near her family. Still painting on the side, her most recent endeavor took her to Northwest Technical Institute where she received her Applied Associates of Science degree in Architectural Building Technology while taking a special interest in sustainable architecture.

With a background like this we are thrilled she has joined the Reprise team as a design technician, but there is even more to appreciate. Terry is committed to service professionally and in the community at large. When she’s not at work serving clients, you may find her helping animals at a rescue shelter or working with the homeless. She’s a great, all-around individual.