Houawa Yang

Design Technician

Houawa was on the path to building design all along. He just took the long road to get there, gaining valuable skills at each stop. In his Michigan high school, Houawa jumped at the opportunity to take a drafting class, and so his journey began with stop one.

His strong faith led him to stop two. Ministry. When he went to Simpson College in Redding, California, he earned a degree in Youth Ministries. With life’s twists and turns, however, youth ministry wasn’t for him. He got back on the trail, powered by his determination, kindness, and communication skills.

And so the journey continued. During the next 12 years, his stops included financial and medical firms in California and Minnesota (were his family had relocated). At each job, he developed administrative responsibilities and proved to be an adaptable and hard worker.

Finally, Houawa returned to what he always knew he wanted to do. He went back to school to study Architectural Technology. We won’t say that this is Houawa’s last stop, but we will say that we are glad the journey brought him here! Houawa’s wife, their three young boys, six of his eight siblings and most of his nieces and nephews live nearby. Family is important to Houawa, so spending time with them fills his heart and his time. He loves watching the older two boys care for their younger brother, and because Houawa and his wife want to give adequate attention to each of their children, they think they’ll stick to three.