Originally established in 1985, Reprise Design returned to our original theme in the year 2000 under new ownership and with a new name. We strive to work with our clients as partners in the development process, knowing that each has specific, unique business needs. Rather than making assumptions about what you want, we listen and continually strive to serve you how you want to be served. If you want us to lead, we’ll gladly take the helm. If you want us to follow, we’re just as comfortable doing so.

As award winning architects and planners, we are not only expert at design but also at navigating through laws, documents, and governing agencies. While we focus on the creative and administrative processes, you are free to enjoy the ride and look toward future enterprises.

Our business approach and core values have given us the honor to serve the region’s top developers and some of the most recognizable brands in the nation including McDonald’s Corporation, The Brink’s Company, and Burlington Coat Factory.

reprise: n. A return to an original theme.


At Reprise Design we are committed to treating every client and every project with the same enthusiasm, creativity, high regard, and professionalism. We are committed to maintaining service quality. Our Coworkers are our internal partners, we are committed to providing them with a workplace based on trust, support, continuous learning, and respect.


We see ourselves holding Weekly Meetings to discuss opportunities, progress, and support in our contribution to the company. Continually seek feedback from our external clients to find out how we are doing and how to improve. Communicate truthfully, openly, and regularly with internal partners. Encourage the creativity and search for new opportunities in each of us. Our workplace is based on trust, support, continuous learning, and respect.