Susan Tellers Cropped

Susan Tellers, AIA

Design Technician

Susan’s father was a progressive WWII veteran who wanted his daughter to become a strong, responsible, self-sufficient woman. He succeeded! Growing up, she would sit next to him on his workbench, and they would design house models out of Popsicle sticks or assemble parts for the car. He encouraged her to take drafting classes in high school. She excelled. Though finding herself to be one of a few females in class, she found her niche!

Later, as soon as her diploma was in hand, Susan’s dad informed her that she would be attending St. Paul College to get her A.S. degree in construction management. She did so, once gain finding herself to be in the minority gender. And once again, excelling.

As a retired master sergeant, Susan’s father had a schedule, a plan and a task list, and Susan followed his instructions. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Whether it’s her father’s influence or just in her nature, Susan has always been exceptionally hard working and driven, so even after graduating with honors from St. Paul College, she wasn’t done. She soon had her B.A. in Architecture and Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota and the workforce welcomed her with open arms.

Susan’s prowess and determination has kept her working for more 30 years. She has managed substantial projects for companies such as Kohl’s, Baylor University, and The Good Samaritan Society—to name a few. She has also designed a number of municipal, educational, retail, office, financial and health care buildings. Susan designs because she loves to, and she wants to keep working until the day she dies!

There are a few other things that also tug at her heartstrings, such as the immense pleasure dogs brings into her life. For as long as she has been a working architect, she has had a canine companion and can’t imagine life without one! She radiates when she talks about her 14 year old beagle/basset mix, Felix, and she misses him like crazy when she takes her trips to see amazing architecture. Places such as the cathedrals in St. Petersburg, Russia, make the heartache worthwhile. Felix always forgives her, greeting her with a wagging tail when she returns.