Steven “Buck” Gronberg, Assoc. AIA, CSI

Senior Project Manager

There’s not a boring bone in Buck’s body. Whether competing in a boat parade donning a masterful costume, playing professional foosball (yes, professional), or reclaiming a steel mill in Pennsylvania and transforming it into a billion dollar casino resort, Buck goes big and the outcome never disappoints. Competition may be one of his “themes,” and it drives him to exceed, go beyond, and wow those on the sidelines.

His thoughtful designs run the gamut, from numerous large entertainment hospitality projects to schools, multi-housing units, fire stations, skyscrapers and even sculptures. And as if Buck’s plethora of high quality design experiences isn’t enough to make us want to work with him, his enthusiasm in the office draws us in, makes us laugh, and strengthens our team spirit.

Buck is a successful leader and loyal collaborator. This might be why he has so many long-term projects. To him, office energy is important. People energize people. We marvel at the way he works with others, from peers to clients to crowds in a room. In fact, we first worked with Buck 25 years before he joined us a Reprise. Now, years later, we’re thrilled to work with him again. People just want to be around him, soaking up his energy and the information he imparts.

His loyalty and energy may also be why he has so many lasting friendships. At the age of 17, he formed a band (he’s the drummer) with his two best buds. They even hit the main stage at First Avenue a few times. That same band of boys still plays together today.

From music to buildings, Buck was born to “do.” He’s not one to sit and play computer games or idle the day away. “Making is not a hobby to me,” Buck says. “It’s what I do.” So at the end of the workday, he returns to his 110-year-old house in the city, and keeps on designing and doing. “I’ve touched every inch of that house.” And on weekends, there’s more “doing.” He and his wife own a cabin in northern Minnesota. When there, they romp with the dogs, enjoy the energy that only “up north” can feed, and begin designing yet another outrageous costume for the boat parade. Just for fun, ask Buck about his costume in this year’s parade!