Ryan Klika

Design Technician

We owe a big “thank you” to Ryan Klika’s coaches and teachers because they were crucial to his design career. As a basketball player from first grade through college, Ryan knew he needed to work hard independently and as part of a team to achieve his goals. He passed these qualities to his current goal—delivering designs that delight his clients—and he achieves this goal every time.

So basketball experience taught him work ethic, but why did he decide to put his energy into building design? This we owe to his inspiring and forward thinking high school CAD drafting teacher. She made learning fun by taking the class on field strips to see inspiring places such as the James J. Hill house. By this time, Ryan had already worked in cabinet and closet installation in several million dollar homes in Minnesota. He loved the uniqueness of each home, but seeing them with a design perspective brought them to life!

Ryan now gets to watch his own designs become tangible. Perhaps this is why he also likes to design tattoos; unique ideas become real and visible. When he doesn’t have his drawing and designing hat on, you could probably find him jet skiing on a fine Minnesota lake or on the court shooting hoops.