Robert Ohm

Design Technician

Robert chuckles when he acknowledges he’s been around the block a few times. It’s possible he could design in his sleep with his wealth of experience. He was drafting before AutoCAD was released, and though the transition from manual drafting to computer-aided design seemed gradual, it’s second nature to him now. Throughout his career, Robert has worked for various Minnesota architectural firms on a variety of projects (from schools to hotels to casinos), creating documents for all phases of construction. The production side of building continues to engage and energize him.

When not at work, he embraces time with family. He is a doting grandfather who frequents restaurants that Reprise gets credit for designing. At his tables, his granddaughters, who cleverly convinced him to drink mixtures of multiple soft drinks, often join him. He is also a car enthusiast. If you frequent car shows, you may have met Robert, or perhaps you admired his Grand Prix, Firebird, ’46 Ford Convertible, or ’55 Chevy Model T Roadster.

His love for cars triggers a trace of regret as he looks back: he never moved back to his home state of California. Minnesota winters can be tough on cars. He agrees with Kevin Sorbo who once said, “L.A. has plenty of problems, but weather usually isn’t one of them.” Though Robert may not be the biggest fan of harsh weather, he is a fan of the professional community and the opportunities working here has brought him. Plus, there are the grandkids! He certainly won’t leave now. He’ll just have to watch out for their soft drink concoctions.