Paul Hand

Operations IT

CRASH! BOOM! POW! “Oh no. The server is down, and drawings must go out!” Not to fear. Paul Hand is here!

Whenever there is hardware or software issue or question, people go right to Paul. It’s as if a worn path leads to his desk. He admits, “It’s always been that way.” Paul, somewhat of a superhero, leads us and helps us stay up-to-date with technology. He’s a natural learner and a take-charge leader.

Like many in our office, Paul’s interest in architecture got hold during a high school drafting class. What’s unique to his experience, though, is that his high school program offered a landline connection to a mainframe computer at the University of Minnesota. As an eager teenager, he could use a punch card to upload his drawings to a university database. He went on to study Architectural Technology in college, just as CAD was becoming commercially available. Even in the early days, Paul understood technology when others didn’t.

Later in the workforce, his aptitude and leadership helped him quickly accelerate from drafting positions to technology management and from CAD implementation to network management and backup. With 30 years of experience and talent that is second to none, Paul is highly-regarded by team members, peers and our clients.

Unlike other superheroes though, Paul doesn’t have an alter ego. He is a champion at home, too. Paul has always placed his two daughters in star status, and he proudly refers to them as independent, professional women, and most importantly as each other’s best friends. That top billing is now shared by his granddaughter. Through her, he marvels at and soaks in the “the wide-eyed optimism of youth.” Superhero? Check. Super grandpa? Without a doubt.