Odalis Andrade

Design Technician

Odalis—designer, potter, sculptor, painter, storyteller. Her interests are varied, and her talent comes naturally. She is enthralled with aquarium designs, has a black belt in Taekwondo, and is a part-time barista. All these, in no particular order.

It’s her artistic talent that her parents recognized long before Odalis did. They spotted her craving for imagining buildings. When she asked for career advice, they knew exactly where to direct her. Hesitant at first, she soon recognized what her parents had seen and her confidence grew. As she learned architectural technology, she was able to add theory, art, and science to her imaginative design ideas. The learning gained a grip on her. With one degree in hand, she’s now going on to pursue a second degree in architecture. She’ll definitely be a leader in the built environment one day.

Though Odalis is busy with school and work, she never grows weary! She is a go-getter who is 100% engaged with us every day. Her lively laughter and exuberant storytelling add energy to our office. Her topics keep us engaged. When you talk to Odalis, ask her about her “Ninja Turtles.” Years ago, these four little hatchlings endured a long road trip from California to Minnesota. That’s a story you’ll want to hear.