Matt Connolly

Design Technician

You’re in good company with Matt. He’s sharp, a natural when it comes to design, and quite the adventurer. Though new to the corporate world, he’s been inventing and constructing since he could walk. As a wide-eyed youngster, Matt was instantly captivated by buildings. In his mind’s eye, he could see underlying layers in every one.

While admiring structures from the outside, he spent time in and around them, taking shapes and objects to invent the world’s best jumps and ramps for his bike, scooter, rollerblades—and just about anything else on wheels.

Today, his need for adventure has moved from on-ramps to off-road enthusiasm.  He’s a phenomenal technician, still delighted by buildings. Now, rather than deconstructing what he sees, he’s the one designing and putting in the layers. It’s almost as if drafting hypnotizes him. He’ll sit down and before he knows it, many hours have passed and the layers come together brilliantly.

Sharp, a natural designer, an adventurer and more. Matt is a dedicated, loyal Special Olympics basketball and volleyball coach. We know he is a great role model and supporter of character.