Keith McDermid

Design Technician

Determined and goal-oriented. Keith sets goals, figures out the path and does what it takes to get where he wants to go. Case in point—architecture. Keith worked for years in stadium and arena management, opening them and maintaining the spaces. While in that solid career, he discovered his dream to design spaces. So, he diligently worked at the University of Minnesota in facilities management while earning first a B.S. in Architecture, then a B.A. in History, and ultimately a Master of Architecture degree.

While a student, Keith’s team designed and built two Habitat for Humanity houses for a zero-carbon footprint. With multiple degrees in hand, Keith notes he’s most interested in the initial design and discovery phases of projects, and he finds his heart is in serving people with disabilities and the homeless. Keith explains his vision, “Do things to help people around us…make every space so a person with disabilities can use it and get through it.”

Keith, living in the childhood home he purchased from his parents, is in a walkable neighborhood near one of the Minneapolis lakes. In his neighborhood, he has easy access to trails for his twice-daily walks with his adopted Husky. His other pastimes are sports-related, watching games and playing in them. Every Christmas Eve at 9 a.m., he joins his high school hockey team for a reunion hockey scrimmage. This has been going on reliably since 1987.

At work, at home, or on the hockey rink, people see Keith as dependable, honest and trustworthy. “I strive to be that every day,” he states.