Jody Hoffman

Design Technician

Have you ever heard of a person who gets so excited about work that she doesn’t count hours until the weekend? That’s Jody. Drafting is her career passion, one she found as a young adult. As her passion grew, so did her family. She embraced a new daughter, added pets along the way, and spent early career years in office administration and customer service. All the while, the spark for design was kept alive. She knew she’d return to the art one day as she found herself admiring structures and daydreaming about the underlying construction.

So when her daughter started high school, Jody turned the daydream into a day’s work. She went back to school to study Architectural Technology. Her first class, History of Architecture, resonated with her. Soon, she found herself planning a trip with her daughter to Italy and Greece, where they could view historical structures together—a mom and daughter duo—traveling and studying.

When you choose a colleague or vendor, isn’t passion what you look for? Jody is a natural. She’s an ambitious, lifelong learner. She’s an artist, a team player, and knows how to serve clients. What about the weekends? Her excitement about drafting takes a brief rest, allowing her to focus on her two dogs—walking them, playing with them, and trying to get the youngest one to stop chewing the remote control.