James Herget

James Herget, Assoc. AIA

Vice President

Jim Herget is a designer, a building code authority, and a CAD expert who is passionate about client service. Not only does he have the technical skills to get the job done right, he has a knack for building productive professional relationships that keep our clients coming back. With an uncanny ability to read into what people need, Jim can satisfy needs and solve problems early in the project. At the end of the day, he measures his success by how delighted his clients are. While some entrepreneurs are off searching for the future, Jim is steadfast in his promise to serve his clients today. This co-founder of Reprise stated it this way, “When clients hire us, they don’t have to worry about the care and oversight of their project. It gets done.”

His professional and personal interests are closely intertwined. His zeal for religion has inspired a focus on church design and participation as a member of the AIA’s Religious Architectural Committee and the Interfaith Forum in Religion, Art, and Architecture. Whether it’s music, religion, or the outdoors, when Jim focuses on something, he goes the distance. Average is the last thing he wants to be.

From our restaurant and major food chain clients to our institutional and commercial clients, Jim is there, taking care of relationships and following through with details. At Reprise Design, we see this co-founder as our anchor.