Heidi Winsor

Project Manager

Heidi is fascinated by ideas. She was designing floor plans and urban environments long before she knew the term, architect. Her first designs, complete with imitation roads and miniature trees, were in her childhood sandbox. In sixth grade, Heidi proclaimed at career day, “I want to make floor plans!” Luckily for us, her teacher led her to architecture. Heidi moved boldly in that direction, one degree at a time earning an AS from St. Cloud Technical College and a BS from North Dakota State University.

An accomplished, award-winning architect, Heidi came to Reprise with an impressive resume that included nearly two decades of experience with some of the most highly respected architects and developers in North America. In 2009, she won an award for Excellence in Concrete and Masonry Design and Construction for the School House Square Bell Tower in Hastings, MN.

She has an amazing ability to grasp objectives, organize and follow through—all while seeking input from others in a way that builds harmony. Whether hiking, canoeing, traveling to historic places or enjoying fashion couture, she is passionate about design and her search for new perspectives on familiar challenges.