Erik Walker

Project Manager

Describe Erik, and you’ll hear the words ethical, motivated, and honest. Go further and you’ll discover he’s a chef, a golfer (shot 70 twice), a guitarist, and a published author (check out Evolved Eating on Amazon).

If Erik says he’ll do something, he does it. He’s a man of his word. When he chose architecture, he knew he’d get a degree in it one day. And so, years after he had taken every possible drafting and engineering course his high school offered (eight in total), he set sight on the rigor of college and earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in History.

With degrees in hand, he ventured into the professional world and gained knowledge and practice working on construction documents, conducting code reviews, and leading teams and projects. His project work includes government buildings, financial institutions, retail offices and restaurants, storage facilities, and even a cultural center.

At Reprise, he’s a disciplined project manager who diligently focuses on timelines and precision. Instinctively he knows how to maintain productivity and keep an eye on why a task should be done a certain way. Intellectually, he always keeps the question, “Is this the right thing to do?” top of mind. “Is it right for the project, the community, and the environment? His motto is his golden rule, “Do right by others. When I do this, I can sleep at night.”