Doug Anderson

Project Manager

Historic preservation, classical guitar and black and white photography. Add to those interests his two Masters Degrees, one in Architecture and the other in Building Construction, and you have the impressive Doug Anderson.

He is down to earth, relating with others in a friendly, natural way. He may divulge how his girlfriend, now his wife, saw drawings he had done and suggested he lean toward an artistic career. He may joke about being a goof-off in high school and an army brat who grew up living around the world. Or he may tell stories about building imaginative structures with his brothers.

Building, history and art—the stories converge and support a skilled educator and professional. He has taught in colleges and technical schools, sharing his inherent interests and knowledge with up and coming new professionals.

Doug won’t boast about his many accomplishments, but we want to. At Reprise, he adds a big business side to his credentials. He manages, manipulates and prepares documentation for construction of nationally branded restaurants throughout the United States. He is undaunted by the always changing conditions, clients, code requirements and approval authorities. Whether his immediate charge is a major renovation or a shiny new structure from the ground up, he aligns and satisfies the needs of corporate clients with a jurisdiction’s review and approval requirements.