Corey Englund

Design Technician

Corey is the winner of the AIA Henry Adams Medal for highest GPA in an accredited Master’s program. The prestigious and historic award has been granted to one individual per school for 100 years. Good character and promise are the earmarks of the award. He has been proving its deservedness day after day with his commitment to support and mentor others in his community and around the globe.

After graduation, he began offering his rendering skills, pro bono, to Food for His Children, a group focused on self-sustaining agriculture in Tanzania. He voluntarily shared his skill at algebra with students of the Minnesota Math Corps. He helped them recognize applications of math in everyday life and the usefulness of algebra in the design of buildings. Now in his spare time, Corey teaches basic elements of architecture to young students through the Minneapolis Public Schools.

At Reprise, Corey readily slips into the current of multiple projects. Though focused on outcomes and a commitment to helping a client’s vision come to life, he finds time to break from task to engage with others.  His dedication to others and strength at building community inspires us and, undoubtedly, will inspire young students and architects of the future.