Chad Booth

Design Technician

When he was just a child, Chad’s parents lost their home. Sometimes good comes from bad. In this case, it kickstarted Chad’s design career. He needed a home, right! So he began sketching houses to deal with the upheaval and discovered an insatiable appetite for drawing and designing. That was his start, and it kept going. Years later, and still in high school, he earned a college degree in Architectural Construction Technology from St. Cloud Technical College and soon began teaching architectural classes at his high school. Yes, you read that right; he earned a college degree before securing his high school diploma. Grit. Motivation. That’s Chad.

By the age of 18, he joined the workforce and made residential and commercial design his career. He has worked for numerous architectural and engineering firms throughout the Twin Cities metro area designing restaurants, automobile showrooms, homes, high-rise condos and more! His designs have won awards from the National Association of Home Builders and have been showcased in the Parade of Homes.

Chad has an inherent ability to study design challenges and come up with solutions. That includes not only sites and buildings, but also nature’s treasure trove of natural structures. As a skilled photographer, he captures each challenge on film. Today he mentions he has multiple collections of photos, thousands having been captured throughout the U.S. National Parks Service locations. He’s a talented guy, with an eye like no other. He’s also a gourmet cook who carefully selects, seasons and grills the finest ingredients to create a meal that, you guessed it, tempts the eye as well as the appetite.