Caleb Leighty

Caleb Leighty

Design Technician

Born to parents in the construction business, Caleb may have been destined for architecture from the start. Early on, unique and massive buildings captured his attention. He wondered, “How did a structure so grandiose keep from crumbling?”

In 2005, Caleb graduated with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural Construction Technology. He worked in drafting and design for multiple companies before joining Reprise, including Home Depot. There he was awarded Presidential and Platinum Awards and we understand why. Caleb is an excellent communicator, an eager team player, and a fast worker.

Though Caleb is able to answer many of his childhood questions now, he remains fascinated by historic buildings and has traveled throughout the country to see them.

Caleb enjoys adventuring into the outdoors when he can. Rock-climbing and fishing are two of his favorite activities. On his first climbing adventure, he attempted to leap to a ledge. His spatial awareness wasn’t there for him that time; so as he over jumped, he began to fall. You may want to call him to talk about that mishap! We like his adventurous spirit and think you will, too.