Reprise Design Incorporated provides architectural and planning services for developers, corporations, institutions, and business owners that are practiced in development and building.

Architectural Design

Reprise strives to keep atop the current trends in design and construction practices. Our retail and restaurant building clients generally are after curb appeal and response to the building’s visibility to traffic. A vibrant, festive presentation is advantageous. Banks, office, and industrial buildings benefit from curb appeal as well, however we prefer pure geometries that project a more reserved and sturdy image. We use computer generated color renderings and 3D graphics to present our ideas in quick preliminary sketches and final rendered presentation graphics.


Effective site and urban planning has long played a role in our work. As pedestrian and vehicular environments trend toward sharing space, the separate role of the architect, planner, landscape architect, and civil engineer is less acceptable. Reprise understands each role and connects with a process and dialog that affords a seamless one stop delivery. As a result of this understanding Reprise is expanding its presence to include more multi-building, multi-use, and mixed-use projects.

Approval Processes

Current review and approval environments call for a link between planning and architectural processes. Zoning flexibility has become a standard practice. Cities are seeking control of architectural elements as well as writing zoning that affords more advanced built environments that traditional zoning does not accommodate. Reprise provides the measure of planning or architecture that is ultimately beneficial to meet the desired end.

Construction Documentation & Project Administration

Reprise has long been the choice of regional and national concerns that have a requirement for consistent performance and follow through for business having a real estate presence as an element of their image. This documentation streamlining skill has traditionally made us a favorite service provider for the design/build construction industry. With the gap between traditional and design/build construction processes diminishing, Reprise finds its role to be more often providing fully specified documentation and administration outside of the design/build arena.